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Our Story


That's what Marka means in Norwegian.

Well, sort of. It actually doesn't have a translation to English. Imagine sitting in a busy office in Norway during the summer. See everybody staring out the window? What do you think they’re longing for? They're longing to be outside, enjoying the fresh air and smell of Norwegian pine trees. They are longing for Marka.

Maybe it's my Norwegian heritage, or the fact that I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, but I know this feeling well. It's a feeling of being at one with your surroundings, a feeling of being home. I wanted to design a shirt that made me feel this way- something that when I put it on, I felt completely in my element. This was when our original trim fit henley was born.

But I also wanted to make a bigger impact than just crafting the perfect henley. I feel it's necessary for us to ensure that future generations will be able to experience Marka. So for every shirt we sell, we’ve partnered with Trees For The Future to fund the planting of a tree. We also only work with ethical factories and share the true cost of all the products we make.

I hope you enjoy wearing our shirts as much as we do. And remember, it’s possible to do good while looking good too.