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Our Process


We spent over 7 months searching for the perfect fabric to make our henleys out of. Not only did we want next-level softness, but we also wanted warmth while retaining breathability. After meeting with many local manufacturers, we found a mill in the heart of the Garment District in Los Angeles that could create us the perfect blend for our henleys.

Our fabric is a bespoke double-knit cotton, polyester, rayon blend milled in LA and delivered to our sewing factory 5 miles away.



What makes the perfect Henley? Glad you asked. Besides using our custom-made fabric, we made sure to include all the design features from our favorite shirts we’ve worn over the years.

  Trim Fit - No boxiness through the midsection.

  Stretch Cuffs - Feels great with sleeves rolled up or left down.

  True to Size - Doesn’t shrink when washed.

  Color Parity - No more stealing your boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) garments!



We knew we wanted to stay local for our production, but we also wanted to work with an ethical factory that stood for more than just getting the lowest bottom line. We met with several hopeful factories in LA, but MOLA Inc impressed us the most with their professional attention to detail and workmanship. Their executive team isn’t working out of a removed office- they’re right there on the production floor, ensuring important details aren’t missed.



We believe our customers should know how much their clothes cost to make. That’s why we show you what goes into every Marka Henley we make. Quality materials, ethical production, and no typical 5-6x retail mark-up.