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How to Get Out While Staying Safe

outdoor hiking

The COVID-19 crisis has been a damper on outdoor enthusiasts around the world. As spring marches on, many outdoor spring activities have been put on hold en lieu for social distancing. As far as mother nature is concerned, the shelter in place has been great. Pollution is down around the world, and plants and animals are thriving. While we are excited at the positive impact the crisis has had, we’re also getting desperate to be outdoors. Luckily there are a few ways to enjoy the outdoors while staying safe.

Go For a Hike

As long as you go by yourself or stay six feet away from your companions, getting outdoors and going on a hike is a great option. Focusing on breathing the fresh air and how the weather continues to improve as spring transitions to summer. Pick hikes that aren’t too strenuous, and are relatively close to your home. You’d be surprised how a quick hike will put you in a much better mood, and help scratch your outdoor enthusiast itch.

Plan Summer Outdoor Activities

While everyone is encouraged to stay indoors and social distance themselves, there’s nothing wrong with outlining plans to go outdoors in the future! This could include planning trips to go camping, fishing (check out Finn’s Fishing Tips for ideas and product reviews), or traveling internationally. We’d recommend holding off on making reservations, but you can definitely put a plan together now.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

If you’re missing the smell and feel of being outdoors, you can bring it indoors by buying flowers and other items that remind you. Pine scented candles, natural arrangements, or flowers from your local grocery store can bring in that outdoor feel you’ve been craving. They also aren’t very expensive and can be an easy fix for the time being.

Connect With Other Outdoor Enthusiasts

While you might not want to connect in real life with your outdoor inclined friends, you can connect with them digitally. Setting up with a weekly conference call with your friends that enjoy doing outdoor activities can be a good way to plan future trips as well as commiserate on our predicament. Humans are social creatures and making sure you stay connected will improve your overall mood.

Support Brands that Support the Outdoors

Lastly, we wanted to put in a plug for supporting brands that support the outdoors. Donating to the National Parks or buying a Marka Henley will help keep the outdoors exactly how we like them: healthy and growing.

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 crisis is something none of us were prepared for. And while it’s been hard to stay indoors for the last month, we’ve outlined a few ways you can still enjoy the outdoors. If you end up buying an outdoor scented candle that you love or find an especially enticing local hike, let us know in the comments below!